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Snow Leopard (10.6.x) Compatibility

GreekKeys has been tested with Mac OS X 10.6, released on August 28, 2009. GreekKeys Unicode (including the installer, the keyboards, and the fonts) performs the same in 10.6 as in 10.4. and 10.5. For existing users, an upgrade from 10.5 should leave your keyboards and fonts intact.

Traditional GreekKeys has more incompatibilities with 10.6 than it did with 10.5. Do not expect to be able to use Traditional GreekKeys under 10.6 (see the relevant FAQ). Use Unicode, and convert any old documents that you value.

For fresh installations, there are some changes of terminology that need to be taken into account, since the documentation within the installer and in the PDFs included in any download made before December 18, 2009, does not reflect the new names. In Revision B of the download (Dec. 18, 2009), the PDFs have been corrected, but the installer still contains the old terminology.

  • For activation, when you open System Preferences, the new name of the relevant System Preference is Language & Text (replacing the name International).
  • In the Language & Text window, the name of the relevant tab/pane is now Input Sources (replacing the name Input Menu).

One other small change should be noted: Character Palette is now called Character Viewer, and it is enabled or disabled together with the Keyboard Viewer (one item to enable instead of two separate ones).

Images have been added to the online guide to installation and activation to show these changes.