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Extended License for Greekkeys for Departmental Students

Now available to departments with site licenses.

January 20, 2009

Up until now, those who purchased a small department license or unlimited department license for GreekKeys 2008 have been limited to installation on faculty computers and shared computers owned by the department in a library or computer room. To facilitate electronic communication between faculty and students, the APA is now pleased to make available to all holders of departmental licenses the option of purchasing a license extension that will allow unlimited provision of the software to current Greek students of the department (both undergraduates, whether departmental majors or not, and graduate students) to use on their personal computers for the duration of their association with the department or its Greek courses.

Who is eligible?

Any departmental that has purchased a small department license or an unlimited department license for GreekKeys 2008 since its release in February 2008 is eligible to buy the extended license. NOTE: If you have a departmental license for GreekKeys 2005, you must upgrade to GreekKeys 2008 in order to take advantage of this offer. This offer applies only to GreekKeys 2008. (Upgrades are available at a discount.)

How is the extension for student use acquired?

Use the PDF form posted here to make a payment directly to the APA Office. The price is $100 for those who hold the unlimited license or $50 for those who hold the small departmental license.

How do students obtain the software?

Departmental license holders should have acquired a CD of GreekKeys 2008 (or if not, it is possible to create one using the instructions in the package). Make a duplicate of this CD, or copy its contents to a USB flash drive with the MS-DOS (FAT16) format, readable by both Windows and Mac computers. Allow students to copy the software (the entire directory or volume named "GreekKeysUnicode2008") from the CD or flash drive either in class or in the department office, or by borrowing the media overnight, whichever method you find most convenient. Whichever method you use, you should provide each student with a printed copy of the NOTICE TO STUDENT RECIPIENT OF GREEKKEYS 2008 THROUGH INSTRUCTIONAL SUPPLEMENT TO DEPARTMENTAL LICENSE. This document is available as a PDF. Please emphasize to students that this software is provided to them on the honor system and that they are expected either to discontinue use of it or to purchase an individual license when they separate from your Greek program.