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GreekKeys Athenian Font Download (Deprecated)

The Greek font Athenian (TrueType format only) is made freely available by the American Philological Association. This font uses the customized GreekKeys encoding that has been in use for over 20 years, but this encoding has been superseded by Unicode. You should not use this font unless you have an extremely strong reason to do so. For any modern display of Greek on the internet, use Unicode (the successor font, New Athena Unicode, is available for free download at this site).

To download the Macintosh version in a font suitcase entitled Athenian2004.suit, click here. This was the final version of the font, revised for use with Word 2004 and some other programs under Mac OS 10.3.x (Panther) and later by the addition of a duplicate encoding of omega with smooth and acute at the backslash position.

There is a Windows version that works only in browsers to view sites that still produce GreekKeys-encoded output. It cannot be used in word processors. To download the font, entitled athenian.ttf, click here.