Workaround for Dealing with Euro Signs Left in a Converted GreekKeys Document

If you work with a document containing traditional GreekKeys-encoded Kadmos or Bosporos in Mac OS 10.5 and higher, you may find that when you have used GreekKeysConverter to change to Unicode Greek you are presented with the euro symbol wherever the iota with acute ought to appear. This problem is easily fixed by doing a global replacement in Word.

Perform the following steps AFTER you do the conversion to Unicode.

Select an example of the euro sign in your converted document, and COPY it to the clipboard (Edit Menu:Copy, or command-c).

Open the Replace... dialogue (Edit Menu:Replace..., or command-shift-h)

Click in the Find what: field and PASTE in the euro sign (Edit Menu:Paste, or command-v).

Change the input to GreekKeys Unicode.

Click in the Replace with... field.

Type in iota with acute (option-1 followed by i).

Click on the expansion triangle (indicated with red circle in the image above).

Use the Format choice popup to select Font...

In the Font: field type in the name of the Unicode Greek font to which your Greek has been converted, or select that font from the listing; then click OK.

Now click on Replace All.

Word should report that it has made a certain number of replacements.

Once the replacements have been completed to your satisfaction, save the changes to your document.